Sunday, February 17, 2008


Once I had a Dream that I walked the streets of my hometown with a robe on, and I was laying hands on the sick, that is one of my callings. There are also many more, God also granted me the gift of Prophecy, and foresight. My job is to make sure that I make myself available for God to use me. He doesn't need me, but he will use me if I let him.


Today we had a very spiritual service, the spirit of the Lord came over me and caused me to sob.
I am not sure why I was so heavy in my heart, but I was. It was a weeping, I saw death and life flash before my eyes. There was something that had a hold over me, and here sitting at home hours later I still have that feeling. It is almost like it was a Blessing and a Warning all mixed up in one.


I had a dream of a Church that was beautifully built, everything was so perfect looking.
But when I stood up and looked around the church, everything that was so beautiful, was suddenly covered with Black Muddy Water, everything was totally distroyed, I am not sure what God was showing me, but I pray that in time he will give me the meaning of my dream.